The Plein Air Art Easel is named LEAF BAR because it Multi Tasks as an easel as well as a  social table for wine-tasting events, patio bars, party events, public places and home décor.   Pat Anderson teaches Plein Air painting with LEAF BARs as easels for painting in the great outdoors.

Improve Your Techniques

Plein Air Clouds_

Plein Air Clouds

Wide Brush Control_

Wide Brush Control

Park Trees Plein Air_

Park Trees Plein Air

Leaves Feathers Fins_

Leaves, Fins and Feathers

Waves and Shore_

Waves and Shore



Garden Colors_

Garden Colors

Garden Palette_

Garden Palette Painting

The Plein Air Art Easel is named LEAF BAR because it Multi-Tasks as an Easel and Social Bar. 

It is to be made by Injection Mold with Recycled Plastic.

It’s a one-legged table that straps to the Tree.  That tree is not lonely anymore.  It has a purpose. My passion to plein air started at age 10, sketching a Traveler Palm in my journal. Always traveling with my parents from New York to Key West, Bahamas, Jamaica and in Cuba – staying at Hotel Nationale floor number siete (7).   My adult life plein air was always walking around with an art board… until Capt. John Wetzstein designed this LEAF BAR for me.  Now it brings out a looser art style due to the freedom of two hands and two arms to swing.  And sometimes an audience watches me perform, because they’ve never seen a Plein Air Art Easel strapped to Tree.

Social Bar Events_

Social Bar Events

Social Bar marina_

Social Bar Marina


Outdoor Social Table


Plein Air Art Easel